As the world of work evolves at a rapid pace due to globalization, information technology and the growing influence of millennial workers, the role of HR continues to be brought into question. Global HR practitioners working in this complex and ever changing external environment face enormous challenges and opportunities in order to meet the talent demands of their organizations. In this third volume of the Global HR Practitioner Handbook, the focus is on both ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ HR topics that global HR professionals must understand to add value to their global organizations.


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Preface (Lisbeth Claus) [Download PDF]


Global HR Analytics (Lisbeth Claus, Scott Baker & Jeffrey Ely)

Global Strategic Workforce Planning (Lindsey Pawashe)

Global Job Alignment and Fit (Shilpi Singhal)

Air Pollution (Lisbeth Claus, Myles Druckman & Joe Mizuno Santa Helena)

Criminal History Screening of Global Job Applicants (Lester Rosen)

Workplace English (Lorelei Carobolante)

The New Global Performance Management Paradigm (Lisbeth Claus & Scott Baker)


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