Globalization, information technology and the world economic crisis are dramatically transforming the world of work and the worker. In this second volume of the Global HR Practitioner Handbook, the focus is on both advanced and specialized topics that global HR professionals must understand to add value to their global organizations. The core of the global HR practitioner’s role revolves around managing human capital to attain the strategic objectives of the global organization and meet local, regional and global talent needs.


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Preface (Lisbeth Claus) [Download PDF]

Talent Management in China (Carol Olsby & Danielle Monaghan)

The Business of Business in India (Nina E. Woodard)

Talent Management in the Arab Gulf States (Lisbeth Claus & Abdussalam A. Aljoffe)

Talent Management in Emerging African Markets (Ezra Mengistu Nigussie & Lisbeth Claus)

Long-Term International Assignments (Tom O'Connor)

International Employment Background Checks (Lester Rosen & Lisbeth Claus)

The French Disability Law (loi handicap) (Charlotte Willot)

Global Volunteerism (Sophia Maletz)

Global Work-Life Balance and Stress Management (Ashley E. Nixon & Lisbeth Claus)

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