The Global HR Practitioner Handbook (Lisbeth Claus, editor-in-chief) takes basic global HR topics and considers them from the perspective of HR practitioners who play a leadership role in the management of human capital for their global organizations (300 pages).


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Preface (Lisbeth Claus) [Download PDF]

Globalization (Attila Freska & Lisbeth Claus)

Global HR economics (Brad Boyson)

The cultural context of global HR (Lisbeth Claus)

Intercultural communications in the workplace (Mark Frederick)

The legal context of global HR (Lisbeth Claus & Stephanie Moritz)

Global talent management (Lisbeth Claus)

Global talent deployment (Heather Rangel)

Global talent acquisition (McCune)

Global payroll (Alan Moidel)

Global innovation (Howard Wallack)

Global leadership (Thomas Belker)

Global teaming (Tony Frost)

Data privacy (Cécile Martin, Jeremy Mittman, Paresh Trivedi and Niki Borofsky)

Global employer duty of care (Lisbeth Claus and Erin Giordano)



What People are Saying About the Global HR Practitioner Handbook

“Are you someone who needs to understand the emerging issues and best practices of global HR? If so, welcome. Whether you are an HR practitioner yourself, or like me, one who simply must grasp the nuances of global HR in order to better perform your own job, you’re in the right place. The experts here will lead you through each issue affecting the global organization today and outline best practices, all within an easily digestible, engaging format. This will undoubtedly become the resource both novices and experts alike turn to for insight into HR in the global marketplace.”
Robin Vota, Editor, Folsom, CA, USA

“I wish I had read this book before starting my job. For the global HR executive, the innovative knowledge and tools found in this book can help change the ways in which we do our jobs. I found the tools and techniques a great benefit to me, and have no doubt this handbook will be immensely valuable to upcoming global HR leaders.”
Naowarat Bumrungchi, Senior Vice President, Leadership Development at the CharoenPokphand Group Co., Ltd., THAILAND

“As HR practitioners in a company that has only in recently initiated activity in global markets, this practical handbook written by real, practicing HR experts will be an invaluable tool for us. It specifies what HR practitioners are doing globally and how they are doing it – in both leading and emergent markets. This book will be a go to resource for us as we craft our practices to unfamiliar environments.”
Raymond Schkolne, Head of Human Resources at Saniam Investments, South Africa

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VendorGlobal Immersion Press
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